Climb North Climbing Rates



Day Passes:

 Adult: $15

Child Hour (under 14 & with adult present): $10

College/High School: $10

Gym Pass (child/sibling in gymnastics): $7




Shoes:     $4

Harness: $4

Adult Memberships: 


10X Pass: $120                              $140

1 Month: $65                                $80

3 Month: $150                              $180                                         

6 Month: $250                              $280                                       

Year:        $400                              $460  


College and High School Memberships:

10X Pass:  $75                               $95                                  

1 Month:  $50                               $70    


Couples (2 People):

1 Month:  $110                             $125                                                                            


Beginner: (Monday) 5:00-6:30 ---- $100 for 8 weeks

Intermediate: (Wednesday) 5:00-6:30----$60 for 4 weeks

Team*: (Monday & Wednesday) 6:30-8:30----$80 for 4 weeks

*By Invitation Only






Updated Rates & Fees



Adult  Pass:

$15.00 (unlimited climbing. Come as a first timer, come with your friends. Enjoy unlimited use of the top ropes ro bouldering cave for the day. No need to rush out the door. Take your time and enjoy your workout. Our super friendly and helpful staff will even belay you if they are not otherwise engaged.

Children under 14 (you must be over 6 years old to climb):

$10.00 (Kids may boulder or use the top rope area. Our belayers will give them a chance to reach the top if they are not busy with other climbers. Children must be accompanied by an adult unless they are enrolled in a class and the staff is always willing to teach the adult how to belay. They must have a signed waiver.


College and High School discounts on the 5x pass, 10x pass, 1 month and year pass. Ask the staff for further details.



Hours & Rates

Open climb to the general public

Monday - Friday, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday,11:00pm - 5:00pm
Sunday, Closed

*Our hours do change with the seasons. For Holiday hours call 412.487.2145

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Climb North Gym Address

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Phone: 412.487.2145
Fax: 412.487.7333

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