5 X Pass - Adult :

$75.00 with rentals | $60.00 without rentals

10 X Pass:

$140.00 with rentals | $120.00 without rentals
(This is a great deal for a single or team of climbers. You can use our 10X pass at any time other than a party. Consistent climbing builds your skills and totally changes the experience as you learn the technical aspects of using an indoor wall. Looking for a partner? Sign up at the rock wall office.)

1 Month Pass:

$75.00 with rentals | $60 without rentals
(You can't go wrong with a month pass if you love to climb. Choose your season and come hit the wall. This is the way to go if you are planning a trip or looking to learn on-site climbing or to build your strength. This pass permits unlimited use of the gym for one month from the date of purchase. If you climb three times a week you will save $84.00! Purchase your own climbing shoes with your savings and you are on your way to El Capitan!)

2 Month Pass:

$130 with rentals, $100 without rentals

3 month pass:

$165 with rentals, $135 without rentals

6 Month Pass:

$250.00 with rentals | $220.00 without rentals
(A great, new opportunity to improve your climbing and save money at the same time. Trying to climb a 5.12? Join us for six consecutive months and you won't believe how your climbing will improve. This is great for climbers who want to get into shape to enter some climbing comps.)

1 Year Pass:

$300 without rentals. $360.00 with rentals (Get your climb on all year long!)

Party Room- $40 for a half hour. Includes all paper products and balloons.

$12/per child with 6-10 kids for 1 hour OR $14/per child with 11-15 kids for 1 1/2 hours OR $16/per child with 16-20 kids for 2 hours.

Groups 6 or larger:

If you are bringing a group of 6 or larger, please call ahead of time.

*Scouts and Church Groups receive $2 discount for each child.

*** Climb North offers special discounts for- UPMC employees, WQED members, Venture Outdoor members, Exkursions employees, Explorers Club of Pittsburgh and Access Fund members ***


Shoes: $2 | Harness: $4

Updated Rates & Fees



Adult  Pass:

$15.00 (unlimited climbing. Come as a first timer, come with your friends. Enjoy unlimited use of the top ropes ro bouldering cave for the day. No need to rush out the door. Take your time and enjoy your workout. Our super friendly and helpful staff will even belay you if they are not otherwise engaged.

Children under 14 (you must be over 6 years old to climb):

$10.00 (Kids may boulder or use the top rope area. Our belayers will give them a chance to reach the top if they are not busy with other climbers. Children must be accompanied by an adult unless they are enrolled in a class and the staff is always willing to teach the adult how to belay. They must have a signed waiver.


College and High School discounts on the 5x pass, 10x pass, 1 month and year pass. Ask the staff for further details.



Hours & Rates

Open climb to the general public

Monday - Thursday, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Saturday, 11:00am  -  5:00pm

Sunday, 11:00am - 4:00pm

*Our hours do change with the seasons. For Holiday hours call 412.487.2145

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Climb North Gym Address

2468 Wildwood Road
Wildwood, PA 15091
Phone: 412.487.2145
Fax: 412.487.7333

Climb North Mailing Address

P.O. Box 36
Wildwood, PA 15091