Climb North Staff

Rachel Ghelarducci


Rachel, 27, the social butterfly, has been part of Climb North since the spring of 2011. She works every Tuesday and teaches the adult class every Thursday. She also handles the sign-ups for our Parkour program which details can be found on the Jewarts website. 

Barb Fink

barbpixBarb, age 29, started at Climb North in April of 2008. Barb is in charge of the Beginner Class that meets every Monday and also teaches an Intermediate Class and helps coach our Advanced Class. She has years of climbing experience and loves to help spread her knowledge of the sport to younger climbers. 

The Climb North staff is made up of a group of outstanding climbers who are there to lend their expertise to both first time climbers and seasoned professionals.

Justin Mech

pic_justin_bio1Justin, 29, has been manager of Climb North for the past several years. He's been climbing for about 18 years both indoor and outdoor. Justin's favorite place to climb is the New River area in West Virginia. He has sent routes like Mango Tango, (West Virginia) which is a 5.13d/14a and bouldered routes such as Tsunami Right, a V9 located at Coopers Rock (West Virginia).

Justin is also the main coach and route setter for Climb North. He oversees all classes and has also coached three students who made it to nationals through the American Bouldering Series.

Email Justin by  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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